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Yearbook 2011

Angola. After 32 years in power, Angola President Josť Eduardo dos Santos is one of Africa's most long-serving heads of state, but during the year his position began to be challenged. Inspired by the riots in several North African countries, oppositionists, mainly young people without party political ties, organized a series of demonstrations demanding reform. As in North Africa, the participants gathered after a call via social media or text messages. The street protests were usually quickly dispelled by police, and a number of people were sentenced to shorter prison sentences. In October, however, 18 young people were released by the Supreme Court, which found that the evidence against them for disturbing the public order was not enough.

2011 Angola

According to Countryaah official site, Angola is one of Africa's largest oil and gas producers and the state is withdrawing huge sums. Yet two-thirds of the population lives in extreme poverty. Large sums are suspected to end up with the governing bodies, but significant sums are also invested on upgrading the war-torn infrastructure. Among other things, Chinese companies are restoring the country's rail network at a total cost of US $ 4 billion. A first stretch of 42 km between the capital Luanda and Malanje in the east was reopened in January.

Angola's newfound wealth also made the country promise in December to try to help the former colonial power Portugal out of its economic crisis. Angola has made major investments in Portugal for several years and is now believed to be interested in buying state-owned companies to be privatized.

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