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Yearbook 2011

Mongolia. In its quest to exploit its potentially vast natural resources to eradicate poverty, Mongolia is taking a cautious balance between powerful neighboring countries and allies, a situation where it is important to stay well with governments of various kinds.

2011 Mongolia

In the final of the tender competition to develop the giant coal field Tavan Tolgoi in the Gobi desert, one of the world's largest coal deposits, participated an American and a Chinese company and a Russian-Mongolian consortium. According to Countryaah official site, the government said even a South Korean company could be involved.

Shortly after President Tsachiagijn Elbegdorj visited Moscow and had discussions with both President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, he traveled to the United States, where he was welcomed by President Barack Obama. Elbegdorj promised US companies to participate in the development of the Mongolian mineral sector. The same day the two heads of state met in Washington was the Mongolian prime minister in Beijing, where he was promised a loan of half a billion US dollars and Chinese support to the mineral and energy sectors in Mongolia.

Elbegdorj and Obama also discussed their common interest in a global work for democracy and human rights. Mongolia's past as a Communist satellite state to the Soviet Union has not facilitated modernization, but the country's governments have managed to hold on to a democratic line.

In July, Mongolia assumed the presidency of the international association Community of Democracies, founded in 2000 and in which Sweden also participates.

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