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Yearbook 2011

Gabon. Opposition politician André Mba Obame declared himself president in January and declared that he had appointed a new government. Obame claimed that he cheated the victory in the 2009 presidential election by cheating. He went to the UN office in the capital Libreville with a call to the World Organization to recognize his takeover of power. There he remained for a month as the government declared his party National unity dissolved with immediate effect and threatened him with charges of treason.

2011 Gabon

After lengthy negotiations, he could leave the UN building with his "government" without arrest, but Parliament later deprived him of his legal immunity for prosecution. Obame and all his followers were dismissed from the public service they had. The Supreme Administrative Court subsequently approved the dissolution of Obame's party.

According to Countryaah official site, the PDG government won 113 of the 120 seats in the parliamentary elections in December, after parts of the opposition boycotted the election in protest of the government saying no to the requirement for biometric voting cards to reduce the possibility of cheating. The turnout was only 34%.

The Gabonese state was reported in July to buy the late US Senator Ted Kennedy's residence in Washington for US $ 6.5 million. According to The Washington Post, Gabon's ambassador was to move into the house.

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