Zara Will Open Its Largest Store of United States in SoHo with 4,400 Square Meters

Zara It continues to expand by big United States. Inditex has just closed the acquisition of a local of 4,400 meters pictures in the heart of the New York’s SoHo, space to be developed in the largest United States Zara store, and in one of the world’s. Its opening is planned for end of 2015.

Journey to the center of SoHo

In the 503-511 numbers of the Broadway Avenue, between Spring and Broome streets, Zara will strengthen its presence in New York three years after the outstanding opening of its store in the number 666 Fifth Avenue, which became the makeover of its stores. At his side, the new 3,000 square meters spread over the five floors of Serrano in Madrid will be to small.

Inditex maintains its policy of expansion through iconic locations. In this case it’s a building built by John B. Snook in 1878, one of the most representative of the Manhattan of late 19th century commercial architecture, as it stresses the company in its press release. The facade of cast iron columns will be the emblem of the store.

Zara to Manhattan

The SoHo shop will not be the only novelty of Zara in Manhattan. In addition to this new ones in the World Trade Center (Broadway 222) with more than 2,800 square meters, esperada expected for this year, next to the work carried out in the the Fifth Avenue store 42nd Street, which will grow to 4,000 square meters, with 50% more current surface.

Zara will arrive in 2015 to the eight stores in Manhattan and seven more in its metropolitan area. Inditex will open more than one twelve stores in key cities of the United States (Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago, among others) in 2015 for its first brand.

“The President of Inditex, Pablo Isla defined Inditex in United States growth as”a combination of opening stores of reference and online sales expansion”, according to the statement from the company”.

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Inditex in Jezebel

  • Inditex sales increase to 12.709 billion euros
  • Zara carries the weight of the 894,4 million dividend of Amancio Ortega
  • Tmall, the Trojan horse online Inditex to grow in China
  • María Fanjul will coordinate all the Inditex online business