What Will Take The Family Kardashian-Jenner That Their Covers Are Always Controversies or Famous?

When we say Kardashian-Jenner three big names come to mind: Kim (obviously and does not need explanation why), Kendall (its model career ago whenever I launch a new cover the world consider it with magnifying glass) and Caitlyn (what else?). But today they are none of these three women that our attention by appearing on the cover, if not the benjamina of Kylie group. The reason? His controversial appearance in the new issue of Interview.

Benjamina’s family has emerged from the shadows and has cause controversy with his last appearance in Interview

And not only for the newly higher age appears topless on the inside of the magazine, if not for that pose a wheelchair not liked to a large group of people. Images of itself are striking, but if a member of this family, in this case small, stars in them the result is far more striking. In charge of all the shotting has been the fashion photographer Steven Klein, that you wanted that Kylie had no facial expression emulating a mannequin. Accustomed to controversy (his Lip Challenge videos on the net where people emulated his lips have flooded and many are hurt), Kylie deaf ears and shows the satisfied with the end result.

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The most controversial of all

But if we must talk about controversy and gossip mixed with many memes, here’s Kim Kardashian for Paper. Just a year ago Kanye West woman posing nude and did so comprehensively in its Christmas issue. More numbers of what they thought were sold and many wanted to bring his vision of these images.

The controversy is linked to this family, and all these images thus confirm it. What will be next?

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