Vogue Makes a Dent in Its Cover to Ashley Graham, The Plus-Size Model. But Just for Your Face

Vogue back on everyone’s lips, but this time it is the UK Edition for the month of January 2017. The reason? The model who appears on the cover: Ashley Graham, or as many people know it, the it model of large sizes that during this 2016 starred in the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swim issue. In other words, the magazine relies first on one plus size model but it does so just focusing on his face. No trace of a whole body imaging…

While many speak of a change by the magazine, others make it pure hypocrisy. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the model poses with a Coach jacket. But this is not a single milestone for it – always appear on a cover of Vogue is a highlight, for the own magazine this issue is a big change since earlier on it had not appeared no one plus size.

You have your own Barbie

The model is collecting many achievements and in addition to these covers already has its own Barbie. The doll has – in proportion – accurate measurements of Ashley, so it is a big step for Mattel just before designing versions with impossible measurements.