Valentino Returns to Sign The Dress of Discord, Two Monthly Fashion Magazines ‘Made in Spain’ Lo Share

What a grace has had to to the directors of magazines Vogue Spain and SModa see the opposite cover. SModa launched monthly magazine and you chose for your first cover the dress from Valentino to Vogue. The only thing that changes is the color but up to the style of the picture is the same.

Who is to blame? It was the first thing that I asked myself when I saw this unreasonable coincidence and came to the conclusion that for once the coincidence could exist. The Italian firm gives clothing to both publications, they do not know for what, and I have clear that directors, editors and stylists will not notify the competence of their projects, by which this destination has played les a dirty trick.

What is more beautiful? For me the of Vogue Spain, without a doubt. The white dress is a lot better understood and the Fund has much more grace not to mention flower that have placed in the neck to Natasha Poly. What you prefer?