UGC Cinemas and Its Exhibition of Fashion

Once more the film and fashion are reattached. This time the protagonists are the chain of UGC cinemas, that are joined to the Marie Claire magazine to present the photographic exhibition in Madrid Remakes: when cinema met fashion, that you can enjoy in the complexes of UGC Cine Cité of Madrid (Manoteras, Getafe and Méndez Álvaro) from mid-January until April.

This exhibition was opened for the first time in the past Film Festival of San Sebastian, and obtained success and impact, they decided to move it to the capital of Spain that lovers of fashion and film, like me, can enjoy his two passions at once. A photo essay by Manuel Outumuro.

The exhibition consists of a series of eleven photographs that were carried out in a spectacular production of more than three days and which featured some of the most famous faces of the Spanish cinema as Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Ariadna Gil, Martin Rivas, Quim Gutiérrez or Pilar López de Ayala, among others. In each one of the images, these actors recreate a key moment from different mythical as the birds, Bonnie & Clyde or Lolita movies.

For example, in this picture we can see to Cayetana Guillén Cuervo as Tippi Hedren Alfred Hitchcok birds.

The sample you can enjoy for free in cinemas UGC Cine Cite in Madrid on the following dates:

UGC CINE CITÉ MANOTERAS: from January 15 to February 14 UGC cinema CITE GETAFE: from February 15 to March 14 UGC cinema CITE MÉNDEZ ÁLVARO: from March 15 to April 14

And much grief, praying me I tell you.