Tip: Think Carefully before You Dispense with the Suit Jacket or Blazer

A doubt recurring between the part of the readers of the Channel the Malerespect to the use of a overcoat, not that they do not know how to usr the piece, the question that repeats itself is about when to use it, but for this I have a simple answer: always use what you can, with the exception of weddings, because then you are practically obliged to use it.

Tip Think Carefully before You Dispense with the Suit Jacket or Blazer

Although some of the companies to adopt pants with shirt and shoes (all social), with addition spot of the tie, this is not to say that this dress code is a dress really formal or a costume that meets some kind of social protocol, in fact, your employer has instituted these clothes as dress code for two reasons: (a) prevents you go dress anyway, and (b) creates a visual pattern on the desktop without requiring much expense on the part of the employees.The problem is that it was included in the popular imagination as a costume social “acceptable” for the most diverse occasions, which is not true, for weddings, graduations, and other events demanding the usual duly accompanied by a suit jacket if necessary, just see the description of the costumes of male to the events described by us in this post to see that none of them dispenses with the jacket or, at least, the blazer.

In addition to all the combo that excludes the jacket of the suit or blazer (in case something more informal) gives the impression of something unfinished, as if you had forgotten the rest of the look at home, or lost something that complements the top.

3 tips to not commit gaffes

1 – Analyze the location to be attended, if it is too chic not even think to dismiss the suit jacket;

2 – If the work environment allows the missing piece, all is well, but consider to use it if you have an important meeting inside or outside of the office, and even if you are going to receive a client in a quick visit;

3 – Marriages only leave the coat aside when you are outdoors, even so check the dress code with the bride and groom, or see the invitation to not give a outside and to keep the elegance consider using a vest with matching pants.

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