The Kooples – in the Same Vein in the New Spring Season

This model set not only focuses on men and women at the same time, but also on the combination of French bohemian and English tailoring.

The Kooples - in the Same Vein in the New Spring Season

If one is spherical, one has a sudden longing for narrow forms. Most of the time, however, I am suffering from the fact that it does not make sense at the moment to search for bargains in the sale. But also the new collections make you want to get warmer temperatures and less layers. So I just bit a bit in The Kooples. I would therefore like to present you the model model from France today, because the concept and the story behind it are very special.
The three brothers that The Kooples have plowed out of the earth in 2007 are, in fact, very heavily loaded. Their parents founded the well-known label Comptoir des Cotonniers in the 90s, so that Alexandre, Laurent and Raphaël Elicha finally wanted to follow their own footsteps with their own idea. However, just as Comptoir des Cotonniers makes fashion for mothers and their daughters, The Kooples has also specialized in giving a duo the fashionable touch.

As the Labelname, derived from the English word Couples, suggests, couples are at the center of the action here. From the outset, genuine, extravagant, authentic, striking, individual couples were photographed for the campaigns, somewhere between Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Marianne Faith full and Mick Jagger – these still characterize the brand’s face. However, in the designs not only the borders of the sexes, but also French bohemian with British Dandytum.

Elegant shirts, minimalist-cut dresses, matching jeans, accurate blazers and jackets, as well as the right shoe for every style – all combine by the high English tailoring with a French touch. Of course, any antiquated gloss is superimposed by a proper portion of rock attitude.

Thanks to the family and financial background, The Kooples was already beginning to feel like a bomb. In the meantime, their own shops are distributed around the world in the coolest places in the modem sets and the development of the label is far from over. In addition to a sports collection, children’s fashion is also offered so that the shopping trip is directly to the family trip.