The Coolest Fashion-Grandma Is 95

Iris Apfel is a New York City fashion icon and design legend – and still considered style model with its colorful, flamboyant look. Even in old age, she modeled for cosmetics giant or fashion magazines. On 29 August, the fashion phenomenon is 95 years old.

New York is full of colorful dogs, but the 95 Fashionista is still the weirdest of all. While sitting in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s otherwise with rheumatism ceiling TV, strutting Iris Apfel rather with oversized glasses and high heels on Fifth Avenue can be photographed for “Vogue”, is a guest at numerous fashion events or created a makeup line for MAC. According to the motto: older I’ll later!

The world’s oldest fashion icon
That style knows no age, fashion icon Iris Apfel years proves impressively. Their looks are legendary – spring occupied coats or wedding garments with bangles in African-style – for IRIS are these absolutely everyday use. Also their fashion quotes that best describe their style are legendary: “I’ve never bought a piece of clothing, to impress someone. I buy things simply because I like it “or” the people ask me again after my styling rules. I follow no rules. That would be a waste of time. I’d break anyway only you.”

The unusual career of the fashionista
Iris Apfel grew up in a generation, as it was not long enough, to pose to be noticed as a fashion model in a few pretty outfits on Instagram. She initially worked as a 20-year old for the fashion journal “woman’s wear daily”, before she founded her own design firm “Old World Weavers” in the 1950s with husband Carl (d. 100). Apple concept: combined pieces of their favorite designers such as Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta with accessories and parts, which they brought from their travels.

Iris Apfel and US Presidents
Nine Presidents of the United States gave her command for the establishment of the White House – by Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton. Also Hollywood legend Greta Garbo and cosmetics Queen Estee Lauder entrusted their style-safe hands. And even if Apple sold their company in 1992, is and remains the Grande Dame of the New York fashion scene – and now the oldest Fashionista of the world.