So The Leopard Print in 2016 Is Carried, Do Not Believe That It Already Went out of Fashion

We are in 2016 and Yes, once more, the Leopard print returns to be carried. A nightmare? Not so much if you know carry well and combine with success. The trends are capricious, come and go, but when they return to our lives they never do as before, always change something, even if it is slightly. So the Leopard print is in 2016:

Point it to carry it in small doses: a short jacket, a blouse, and always combined with neutral tones like black, the camel, grey or a cowboy. It’s give a touch of the wild in the look without that it is excessive. Pixie Lott and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will mark a 10 with her looks.

And if this pattern you still not convinced, you can always use it in the add-ins: a few dancers and some ankle boots with Leopard print they put the fun and interesting touch to a casual look with jeans and a t-shirt or jersey.