Self-Experiment: The Leopard Coat – Can Do or Be?

Leopard print and I, we are no friends, not really at all. Animal prints in General anyway, with the exception of Dalmatian spots, just because but what is not, that I find very forth tearing Dalmatian in real life. I me yesterday evening however still fix swung on bicycle, to pay a spontaneous visit a friend, because this coat in her kitchen was around there at once. I had forgotten my own, the temperatures dropped and thus the thing was blabbering on unceremoniously up there me. “No one sees you anyway, it’s so dark out there.”

I arrived back home but not around, came shortly before the mirror to look at me, and asks me not why, but somehow has Peng made. There are two possibilities: either the last light in the brain blew me, or I’m on the best ways to be with regard to these to Malian optics open-minded. This insight came very late, after all. But the simple reason outfit? I must say, even now, during the day, I’m not nearly as reluctant as previously suspected. Also I feel in this coat little in old times of the rehearsal room back catapulted, and where I’m just so or so much.

In this sense:

And bring to a little breath of fresh air in the story: this is by the way, our dearest friend Mademoiselle Bôme by here whenever there is talk. She can look even nicer, but as we prefer you.

And I am I guess:

Jacket: H & M, angora sweater: COS, pants: Wrangler, shoes: Dr. Martens, jewelry: in God we trust, Sabrina Dehoff