Pictures of the Day: Elizabeth Jagger for Wrangler & Denim Against Cellulite

Was during the 60s even Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones, for his favorite jeans brand Wrangler in front of the camera, now follow your daughter: Elizabeth Jagger is almost a little too good for the world and perhaps only partly succeeded for the first time to convince me of colored jeans for the spring 2013. Yellow, that’d be may in fact what for me. But now comes the top highlight: when opening the associated press release I had to look really two times, to understand what I read here:

“The “Denim Spa”-Jeans impress with moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera, olive extract, or the special recipe of “Smooth Legs”. These moisturizers are the resulting friction created while wearing the jeans, free set and pamper to the legs of the wearer.” the defiant skeptic in me showed the whole of course once the bird finger. That may not work, so a nonsense. Now this beauty hype has even arrived at one of my favorite jeans company and the almost single, which conjures up a Knackpo from my PEAR Popo. Wait a minute. THEN maybe yes but what is it?

To be honest, I have no idea whether you actually can feel a difference with normal trousers, whether while wearing soft or the orange peel skin, less is the legs, because I ’ s just not have tried yet. Logically, the whole thing sounds but quite. Because where traditional denim eludes us moisture, the cosmetic additives make the “denim Spa”-models for a good balance, protect from the dehydration and help maintain the natural smoothness of our legs. Sounds like mumbo jumbo, but I’m on it and it still remember to think.

Basically we know also that the greatest nonsense is clinically considered anti-wrinkle cream, as well we could play us cream last a lifetime with Penates. And still doing well all the beautiful frippery of the soul. Because beauty really comes largely from the inside, the Bill then, even on the placebo effect goes up. What do you do to the new “denim Spa”-technology?