Outfit Of The Day: Two Times Replay Laserblast – And We Give Away A Model!

Trousers in used look are always a very delicate matter, because the perfect ablution is actually a level hike. Many manufacturers of jeans tend indeed to the gruesome exaggeration and just equip their models with thick white bar on the thighs. In addition, it is not so easy to find even the color you want on the appropriate cut – what scold myself lately quite frequently about was that I was just not bright jeans, friends I liked like.

And here came a replay then actually in the game. To be honest, Sarah’s and my replay delusion about with entering the 11th grade ebbed, since no jeans was respected more in the Italian home at all. Now they wanted us obviously convinced otherwise and has ’ s also managed at the end: because although we two extremely were skeptical the above model from the new Laserblast collection due to its low waist, we finally have to admit that color and wash in this case are all first class. On top is a plus’s comes for the laser technology that lets the pants of line to her discreet used-look. It saves this procedure namely harmful chemicals for bleaching. Sarah today tomorrow so resorted to their favorite poncho, I on the other hand went on pretty thin ice: to the pants, I which combined a camouflage jacket. Like the optical aspect’s me really pretty well just what says the morale? Is it alright to decorate with camouflage? But now for the first time to the actual reason for this post, you shall eventually even some of our positive replay surprise have: one can choose nämich a model of you.

To would you just watch the below attached video collection and answer following question with a comment under this post: what color is the bus that is chased at the end of in the air? About a friendship in Facebook we would be happy also.

The winner will be chosen on Thursday and may choose between the following models (we have decided the rest 2 woman for model number) – please your calls even fixed in the comment desired model! We keep you firmly the fingers crossed!

Woman – model 1,2,3,4:

Men – model 1.2 US 3:

And here our outfits:

Poncho: wood wood, Rolli: H & M, shorts: replay, shoes: acne

Camouflage jacket: Urban Outfitters, blouse: H & M trend, jeans: replay, chain: Poti Poti, Bracelet: Sabrina Dehoff, sandals: acne.