Outfit Of The Day: Self Test – The Look Of Lala Berlin In The Autumn Of 2012

It’s really Yes again and again the same tragedy: as all optical delicacies for the we could warm our hearts certainly serve us designer during the fashion weeks and at the end we remain languishing back. Firstly, because of the non-existing Goldesels and secondly (which makes it void the first argument for some time), all the beautiful pieces hanging only from the next season in the shop ready.

As I today tomorrow so scoured my wardrobe, free of inspiration and annoyed, I spied the above Maxi skirt and asked me, what probably instead of it could be. Because I last week during which a new love found press days, namely Lala remembered Berlin, a look that I liked particularly well. Why not just try it out, the whole thing is how roadworthy, I figured and fix fumbled the today’s outfit together. Severely disappointed when looking at the pictures, I had to realize that designer clothes so or so getting better looks on the catwalk. And: that the affordable copy by far not to the original match up (color, pattern and style are yet not so easy to fake). But at least I know now that I would select a small piggy bank maybe tomorrow – at least the Lala can walk far away in my closet rock – and then I’m ’ s try again – half original, half to be styled. Do you like doing that Lala Berlin outfit at all as good as me, or I ‘ I caught me a tad bit?

Hat: American Apparel, Jumper: acne, vest and skirt: Zara, shoes: Superga.