Outfit of the Day: Langsgestreift.

Determination of the day: we are too much, much too bogged down. No matter whether at dinner, daily errands or just when the choice of fashion. We rely constantly on the pieces that accumulate eh already abound in our wardrobe. The dominant sound on my garment racks: black. Black simply always fits, is classic and not applying. Black can be so wonderful and appears so insanely boring one in the next moment. And even when I access to color pieces, one is nevertheless significant: in my wardrobe are almost entirely plain. And even though I have no pattern, aversion, I reach back to the safe, solid pieces.

Too bad actually because yesterday Fund proves wonderful Companion: the 7/8 from the House of MONKI. And since then, I have found my new passion: vertical stripes. Meanwhile, they are still not that easy to find, because somehow the most brands seem to have dedicated the stripes. But why actually? Vertical stripes flatter the figure but instead, or do I see this wrong?

To the new Lieblingsshose fit quite wonderfully all white pieces in my closet, denim shirts in dark tone or but also bright red. Is good, the latter color Cabinet, but what is not, feels not very at home in my can, yes still be.

Given to a striped blouse must not necessarily be combined with the striped pants, but a pattern eye-catcher also completely sufficient.

But where we came just on the taste: we could identify a few stripes. Do you have more good tips?

The above T-Shirt via Gina tricot.

Striped skirt by Hobbs.

Striped skinny Our site.

Jeans by Our site.

Shorts by Madewell.

Striped blouse without sleeve – Our site.