Nicole Kidman Also with The Total White in Full Autumn Dares. Prejudice in The Fashion You Are Running!

Already Naty Abascal said that in its style guide, white pants make even more sense in winter. It’s when almost no one dares with them, but this trend of specific colors for the different seasons begins to have end. The revolution of the industry is getting that we wear sandals with hair in transparent dresses in winter and summer, Goodbye prejudices. Nicole Kidman is promotion and we have seen it in London with a total look the simplest but yet very elegant white.

The Australian has chosen an all-white look composed of a suit jacket and pants campaign over a blouse of the same tone with a neckline of the more original. Throughout the highlights just some detail in pale in simple decorative embroideries and sandals (another risk of autumn). This is a complicated look that she defends and swimmingly. Slightly backcombed hairstyle, but feel you and brings that point of character necessary in a style so angelic, very ‘Lion’ on the other hand.