Magazine and Number Dedicated to Lady Gaga (With Several Covers)

It seems that Lady Gaga begins this 2016 with foot very well, and is that the fashion magazine V Magazine you have chosen it to make it the full protagonist of his number 99. And thus shows it with four different covers taken by fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh. With four totally different snapshots together, this number combines art, fashion and music in one. How? In the best way.

Word of the own singer,

This new issue of V Magazine is about all those who are attached to express and show the passion for art and fashion, to make a big statement and change things… I feel like we all share the same appetite for a life full of passion and creativity. As if everyone had found our immortality through art and fashion. We share the deep spiritual place.

Do you think the result of this new number? want to see what to do to celebrate the 100th.