Look Pre-Sixties Strain in Our Closet

The sixties look go back to our lives and our wardrobe. Abstract prints, Trapeze shapes in mini dresses and tops and mini skirts in different versions are the basics of this trend. Many designers are betting on this fun fashion but it was Valentino that put it in the form of circles that subsequently we have seen them on other brands.


Ball gown and fringing cutting bodies, are bets of Josep Font in his collection this season, with a futuristic air. Garments bulky, strategic combinations of colors and contrasts game.


Bloomsbury Burberry bag, one of the celebrities it supplements, also come in sixties version in some of their models. Mix of colors in the style of pop art and different geometric shapes, that if you combine it with boots, you will get a perfect outfit sixtie.

Fantastic, jerky, CIA handle

The look mod Valentino has been cloned by some brands. It is the case of Unequal that has created this so avant-garde coat in black and white. But not only the circles are sesenteros, also pictures, a pattern that we see in a multitude of items as in this dress of Mango. Different geometric shapes dress garments with an indisputable retro, that goes hand in hand with the fashion of the 60′.

Trends fashion autumn/winter 2014 / 2015

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  • Another sign that become 90: the denim jackets are the most