Lily-Rose Depp on The Cover of Love with a Makeup Baby Doll Is a Way of Infantilising Fashion?

We knew that the future in the fashion of Lily-Rose Depp It was secured with parents who have and with Karl Lagerfeld as a great friend. Let us remember that you welcomed her as a disciple, offering him the campaign’s Chanel sunglasses and inviting to the parades of the maison. So it was clear that we weren’t going to take to see in any home, and the first has been the of the Love magazine.

A cover in full color, with a very extravagant make-up, which makes that Lily-Rose Depp seems even younger than it is (is 16 years old). As a girl who has stolen the paintings of breast and has played to make up as she.

We are again facing a case of? infantilization of fashion? We want that girls grow up too soon and sexualizamos them too much? What is clear, that the girl has inherited the sweet and childish traits from her mother and has a great career ahead, either as a model or actress.