It Says These Colors That Will Encourage Your Post-Holiday Depression

Who said that in autumn and winter had to dress only in black and grey? Encourages the post-holiday depression that we all now suffer with lots of color (often shock move from the beach to the office as to make over your something much more boring wardrobe). The colors that will encourage you this fall: the Fuchsia, the mustard, Orange, and of course, red. Vivid colors which survive cold temperatures.

A dressed in red lipstick accompanied by a lip pencil idem will make your office or night looks much more bold and impressive. This dress with flight is of Mango and costs EUR 35,99.

Fuchsia is another vibrant color that want to look round. These Fuchsia pants they are of Zara, they cost 29,95 euro, are carried by the ankle and stay well with white, black, grey… Try your own combinations.

The mustard I love. And this dress with printed discreetly in this color has conquered me. It is of Zara and its price is 49,95 EUR.

Other color to point in the list of favorites is the Orange. A warm orange color jersey will be great with your autumnal looks. This is of ASOs and 184,83 euros

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