Is Going to Roll with This Cover: Christie Brinkle Poses with 63 Years in Sports Illustrated. Yes, with Kilos of Photoshop But a Nice Message

Christie Brinkley is no freshman of the publication. Already he starred in their covers in 1979, 1989 and 1981, making history with it. However, the model does not plans to bury the axe soon and turns to throw the pool with another new cover. Of course, in a swimsuit and in the company of her two daughters. And it is that, at age 63, Christie still a body of scandal and eager to prove that the mature models can give much play.

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Sports Illustrated, 1979.

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Sports Illustrated, 1980.

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Sports Illustrated, 1981.

For the occasion, Brinkley took his two daughters so they pose next to it: Alexa Ray Joel 31 and Sailor Brinkley Cook, 18 years old and looking to be the heir of the talent of his mother. When asked by the shooting, the model told People Magazine: “the first thing that I thought was do at my age? When I turned 30 I said to myself that was the last time that he posed in a swimsuit. Those days were left behind, but I set out once again for doing it with my daughters.”

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The three protagonists took advantage of the social networks to thank the magazine the opportunity to pose all together, sharing that honor and appreciate the unique message about age and the diversity magazine launched to count on them. “Thank you for sending the powerful message that good things come in packages of all sizes and no expiration date” said Christie Brinkley in her Instagram.

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The comments on social networks have not wait, especially in reference to the lots of Photoshop and retouching of images and the fact that two young women are into the water while his mother seems to walk on it.

Christie Brinkle has not given greater importance to photographic resources and has said that “my daughters think I can to walk on water, so please, nobody tell you nothing about the fruit hidden underneath my box”. Yes, the photos will have a lot of Photoshop’s through, but the message of inclusion of all ages Sports Illustrated releasing is no doubt.

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