In Cosmopolitan Original Shake Them But The Cover without Already Cover The Saw before

Cosmopolitan celebrates 25 years in Spain, and for this reason we give them the congratulations. However, they wanted to be the most original of the world with a cover without cover, Guest Star a sheet where you you can reflect that you are, and so star cover Cosmopolitan as if you were model and it has left them throw backfired. Sure to remember this idea because a month ago in Elle Australia they used that resource to save the cost of hiring a top model.

The cover with mirror effect It is very striking, and it seems that the idea that liked both Cosmopolitan repeat it to such a large number as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. But the merit of an idea so original (and cheap) owe to Elle Australia, not to Cosmopolitan. It is clear that the world of fashion magazines is lacking of good and innovative ideas for renewal.

Let us hope that it not cunda the example of these covers low-cost, with what we like to see models and actresses wearing Couture dresses on the covers of the large Rotary. The paper is not dead, but if they do not do things more striking and original, may be.