If You Want to Wear The Denim to The Latest Fashion, Takes Note of Kate Bosworth

If there is any celebrity you like to be the last, that’s Kate Bosworth. It risks on the red carpet, but also in their normal life take hold of the latest trends, and no fashion does not escape him. Known to be in the forefront of what is, and how no, the Denim, all look at all hours, also knows how to give an original and modern twist. She wears it straight and short, and hits.

So in simple we saw it for the screening in Los Angeles of his series The Art of More, with a black t-shirt, cropped jeans and high heels. Gorgeous.

In their Airport looks not missing the Cowboys, although the combination of shelter, closed shoes and ankles in the air, could Squeak us a little as if there were no socks. It is clear that cut jeans are the most, and is time of the shares hit our old models. The straight cut is also winning points on the cigarettes that we’ve crowned as Kings in recent years.

And if what you want is a dress Denim, so Kate, takes him with boots and bag of fringe to complete a chic and retro style.