H & M Continues to Grow Unstoppable: Its Sales Climb a 14% in October

H & M track to mark a year of great benefits for your accounts is on. In October sales returned to increase 14% over the same period of last year. With this data H & M signing 10 months increasing percentages in the double digits, only September broke the statistic with 8% more.

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The increase in sales of H & M

The two highest peaks in the last fiscal year from H & M, which will culminate with November data, them had in May with one 19% increase in profit, a high increase conditioned by may of 2013 ‘only’ where rose 9%, and in August with another 19% rise, coming from 14% in 2013. This 14% rise in October was preceded by 11% last year.

H & M closed its fiscal year in 2013 with a 21% increase in sales in November, what happen in this 2014? On 15 December we will know that data. By the time H & M continues to outpace expectations of experts considered. Since the signing, they are happy with these data and speak of a gradual recovery in sales in Spain.

At 31 October H & M had with 3,437 shops, 356 more than last year at this point, when they were 3.081.

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H & M in Jezebel

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