Gwyneth Paltrow on The Reinterpretation of Pleasures

Gwyneth Paltrow It has been long since one of the images of the fragrances of Estee Lauder. He started as a reresentante of Pleasures, It gave new life to the fragrances of the firm with White Linen and now he returns with a reinterpretation of Pleasures.

And this is not only a new advertising campaign, an attempt to make a nut turn to classical and romantic fragrance and make it a more current taste with this new image that presents the newly out the oven hood. The photo shows a Gwyneth lying langidamente on the lawn with a Bohemian touch to your around given by the guitar and the ease with which the pink jersey falls on their shoulders.

The haircut of the Paltrow has given an accent chic and relaxed at a time his style and that is reflected in the form as shown in the photo. But I think that the tenderness of the small farmers in the previous campaign you still love me tender and cloying. On the other hand, Pleasures you still have the same scent and the bottle. So the fragrance lovers don’t worry, the notes of Violet, pink roses, white lilac, sandalwood and patchouli continue being the same and in the same proportion.