Glossary of Men’s Fashion: Parts of the Shoe Social

Terms such as leather, toe cap and brogues let you through perdidão? Although it seems something simple, a shoe social is composed of various parts and to know what is each of them is important to help you better understand this masterpiece of male clothing, since nothing is there for free. See below what are the important parts of the shoe social:

Glossary of Men’s Fashion Parts of the Shoe Social

1 – Leather

It is as it is called across the top of the shoe, or the part that covers your feet. In the footwear social is usually of leather, but in tennis shoes can be canvas or nylon, for example. Usually it’s the leather that sets the color of a footwear social.

Divided in 2 parts:

1a – Upper: the front part of the leather, where elements like the cap toe or laces, if that is the case.

1 b – Rear or pala: is the back of the leather, near the heel.


2 – Soles

Set pieces that protect your foot from ground contact and keeps you comfortable. Composed by:

2 – the Midsole: is the layer between the outsole and the insole. It is usually made of leather.

2 b – Outsole – is the part of the footwear which should be more resistant, since it comes in direct contact with the floor, the more expensive are made of leather, but may be of rubber shoes more casual, or even in the cheap models.

2 c – Jump – is placed on the bottom of the shoe, on the heel, to give balance and elegance. There is also the outsole of the heel, a part of the rubber that surrounds the heel and prevents it from slipping.


Other elements:

Lingua, tongue, or pala

Strip of leather that protects the instep of the foot and assists in time of wearing the shoe. Can also be found in tennis, be they of race, or urban.


The tape or cord

Strips of leather or cord present in derbys and oxfords that assist the fixing of the shoe on the foot.



Reinforcement placed in the rear part of the shoe between the leather back and the lining, reinforcing the region of the heel. Today it is common to place laces, colourful casual shoes to give a touch more relaxed and modern.



Very common in combat boots, is a reinforcement of metal placed between the thimble and the liner, therefore, is not the view. You can increase the life of your footwear.


Insole assembly

Made in the size of the plant the way it can be made of leather or cellulose is placed between the uppers and the outsole.


Insole finish

Seated on the insole of the assembly, it can be leather, fabric or even synthetic material and allows your foot to be better accommodated in the shoe. The most modern are padded and work to give a bit of cushioning, similar to what are found in running shoes.



Is the part stitched or glued around the footwear, on the edge of the outsole, giving the finish and attaching the leather.


Eyelets or holes

Perforations made in the leather for the passage of laces, may or may not have the metal finish.



Layer that gives the finishing to the internal leather and also aims to increase the comfort. You can be in leather or fabric.



Piece of leather located on the side of the footwear, often connects the part of the tie. The settle shoes are caracteriazados by the quarter of a different color from the rest of the leather.



Perforations in the leather that has no function purely decorative. Formerly served to drain water and help footwear to dry faster.


Side gore

Used on shoes without laces is an elastic band that helps in the adjustment. In chelsea boots is very wide and visible.


Wing tip

Toe cap leather that form the tip of the wing very common in the shoes brogue. The shoes considered full brogue always will show the wingtip.


Toe or captoe

Piece of leather that covers the tip of the shoe, gives finish and increases the durability of the pair.



Decoration with brogues made only at the tip of the shoe.


Tassels (tassels)

Decoration placed in some types of shoes without laces, reminiscent of the tassels of the curtains of the house or of the handbags.

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The handle placed on the back of the boot that assists in time of the boot hook it. Can also be found in shoes, particularly the more casual.


Monk jumpers

Straps that pass over the instep and provide a most perfect fit of the shoe without laces.

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Are the tabs that exist in the footwear derby to be made in the holes that will be crossed by the laces.



Supports the sole of the foot and gives firmness. Is located below the insole, in the inside part of the footwear and may be made of steel, wood, wire or plastic.