Gant’s Birthday: 6 Decades among Us

Gant It is one of those brands that go unnoticed in the life of one until it crosses your path any jersey or any shirt. And from that moment you see not only more but, in my case, she fell in love me little by little his classical style, its vivid colors and especially their jerseys.

Now is no longer equal and the brand is becoming better known. But certainly has history, more in particular Gant meets this year 6 decades of existence. Its origin goes back to the first couturiers and designers who made clothes for young Americans newly arrived from Europe after serving in the Second World War to become one of the most prestigious American brands and an icon in fashion and design.

And therefore, Gant has wanted to pay tribute to all its customers with a exclusive collection of shirts (one for each decade) that held the spirit of the brand and the evolution of the same has been suffering during these times. Thus, it aims to teach from a practical point of view as the firm has tried to overcome all the decades in offering the public an innovative product that fits your needs and without losing elegance and class.

So if you have time and are in Madrid, close to the golden mile of Madrid, in the Jorge Juan Street, where you can find the official store with a special design for commemorate 60 years and a sort of Museum of knowledge dress and signature Gant that is certainly worth see.