Festival Essentials With Claudia Zakrocki Aka Cloudycloudy To The Ms Dockville

Friend time, free air stage taste and the feeling of freedom in the midst of an area cordoned-off: we have only opened the festival season last week with our raffle and already provides us with our dear cloudy in our newest section “festival essentials” not only their top 6 for 72 hours of music in the open air, but tells us en top your favorite festival should longer be missed under any circumstances!

Most will probably be familiar as a partner in crime together with katja in lesmads cloudy, but this is already not alone their playground: goes on her freshly gerelaunchten baby cloudycloudy’s personally made and so, like the wind just howling – very much music meets on small trips in her wardrobe meets plenty heart.

Of small melt! Excursion last year!

Festival secret tip?

The ms dockville in hamburg. Small, cuddly and great artists. What you want!

Your’s live act?

Outdoorsman live act previously caribou on the melt 2012, as the sun came up for me truly!

Who is missing even on your “need to see”-list?

Whom I would see necessarily live would be little dragon. Yukimi nagano, the lead singer of the swedish band, simply has a unique voice, the lyrics are wonderfully deep and the beats that are relevant. Mindblowing.

Top 6

Generally, i carry no high-quality, expensive clothes on festivals. What matters is the music, not the outside. Therefore, it is not so important whether everything fits and is co-ordinated.

1 dry shampoo: for me really the very most important thing on a festival. Really a shower isn’t yes mostly, but fresh hair have belongs to just to feel good. The swiss has been tested and found to be good par dry shampoo that is there in the drugstore market.

2 sunglasses:
to be able to really enjoy the sunshine or to hide big eyes: a pair of sunglasses is a must. At a festival’s like even a little fancier will be for example in rounder 90s form with mirrored glass. I don’t need expensive glasses in general, because i bowl would certainly lose.

Of 3 shorts:
chic little dresses and sensitive materials have a festival out of place. The real thing is a well fitting shorts with pockets for the bare. Tolle copies, making also visually something produced there from maison scotch:

  1. boots:
    i’m not a fan of cloth shoes at a festival, because basically every second person on my big feet seems to stand around me. In addition to rubber boots so rugged boots are quite well, for example the classic “mustafa” boots by steve madden lace-up:

5 pouches:
so that cell phone, money and chewing gum are not lost: always a neck pouch to take! Mine was a gift from thailand, similar models – embroidered with his own name – can be found at dawanda.


6 hoodie:
noon sun, evening cool in between rain: because you have to be prepared at a festival for everything, a hoodie is usually my constant companion. If i don’t need it, he knotted around the waist, or one as cuddly abused while sleeping in the tent. The best are in my opinion still at american apparel.

Merci, you great! And all dearest birthday.