Disabled Women Recreate The Picture of Kylie Jenner to Become Visible

A week ago Kylie Jenner He starred in a controversial cover which appeared to do sexy? as a kind of wrist in Interview sitting in a wheelchair. This photo provoked the anger of many people, but some women with disabilities, as Erin Tatum, they have used to copy the image and get get visibility and make your message reach more people.

This is what tells Erin in her Tumblr:

So I did the best I could to create a more authentic version of the cover of Kylie Jenner in Interview, given that I’m, you know, disabled really and a user of the wheelchair in real life. I can barely get people to make eye contact with me, and much less achieve a cover. If being in a wheelchair is fashionable now, apparently, I’ve been a creator of trends before Kylie was born.

In an e-mail to The Huffington Post Erin explains what thought to see the cover: “I’m in a wheelchair every day, and a day that Kylie Jenner does, suddenly is cool?” As it has, people with real disabilities hardly receive media attention, however if a celebritie imitates their passes photo situation to be provocative and profound.

A wheelchair should not be used as a “complement” of fashion, when it is a fundamental element for the quality of life of many people. On the other hand, interestingly, the image of Jenner is quite sexualized, but in the real world tends to go the opposite and the sexuality of women with disabilities refuses completely, as if it did not.

The positive part is that the photo of Erin Tatum on Tumblr already going for more than 122,000 interactions and it has also encouraged other women, as she needed the wheelchair of truth, to also get his recreation of the cover of Kylie Jenner on Tumblr and Instagram, along with other protest messages:

As well points , It is regrettable that this picture want to symbolize obstacles and constraints that the small of the Kardashian-Jenner clan lives because of Fame. A wheelchair is not a prison, for many people symbolizes freedom, one that is not always available to everyone.

Jordyn Taylor stressed the same thing, when they can not access to the subway or the school, are the stairs that are to blame, not the wheelchair. More accessible spaces are required and a greater visibility of people with disabilities so that they are taken into account in the creation of the common environments, instead of “demonizing” the chairs or use them as metaphors for something negative.

A photo published by Lauren Wasser (@theimpossiblemuse) 3 Dec, 2015 (s) 10:24 PST

The model Lauren Wasser has been limited to accompany your photo in two words: real life. That life which some famous seem to know rather little, although by this time the frivolity of a home has served to echo the demands of these activists penalty to the vale follow and know. They do have interesting things to say.