Detox for the Wardrobe 10 Steps to the Right Mucking with Anuschka Rees & Vestiaire Collective

Talks about barely another issue our fashion bubble bubble just as much as about the thing with the crap out: get free from contaminated sites, no one needs and that completely take the place of the beautiful creations. Just know what is really important to accommodate rather than tons and on top to grab even more on a monthly basis. Wardrobe Detox is called the whole thing pretty neumodisch and assumed hype-like proportions thanks to Marie Kondo, because everyone seems to be felt in the Ausmisten Mania – also we. But where do we really the best? What should we break up really and what dress piece comes again possible technical trend in a few years? With the crap out it behaves a little bit how the theme sports: who has once begun to throw all excuses overboard and is consistent for the whole shebang runs as all alone:

So we dedicated this morning at the 360° Detox breakfast vestiaire collective exactly this challenge: the beginning! In cooperation with Anuschka Rees has the second hand platform for Designer items namely a fairly simple 10 points plan together provided, so simple and banal to take care of fresh air into the wardrobe: A radical blow without snapping breathing, but with discharging effect. And we look at the whole thing but just take a closer:

360 degree Detox aka a pretty relaxed woman round: his (Jana Pákozdi), skin & food (ISI by my good food), clothing (Anuschka Rees).

My personal most important Tip: start directly to the change of the season best of all – at a time just when really you want to change and freshness. And then says already: makes it so Anuschka Rees – not intended, but all the more plausible for this:

1 take 2 hours and go through your entire wardrobe.

2 h directly a few garment bags and cartons ready to sort your garments: poor quality? Bad buy? Wrong size?

3 music on and off:

Take 4 everything from your wardrobe out. ALL!

(statt Müll: aus kaputten Stücken lassen sich indem Übrigen
auch wunderbar Putzlampen draus machen!)

Take 5 every piece of clothing in your hand and decide whether you want to keep it, or not – and sort it into the boxes.

6 keep following pieces outside your wardrobe: dresses, where you’re not sure, that have sentimental value for you or that just simply does not fit decade.

7 everything that should be patched or modified, bring a good tailor.

8 for sale – and at this point, vestiaire collective comes into play very cleverly – donate or give away your discarded pieces.

9 rearrange your closet now + think about a system for you: according to color, kind of clothes or maybe even directly look?

10 Tadaa: either you enjoys the little rest now in your drawers and onto your bars or fill the empty space with fresh Schönigkeiten reward.

So much for the step for step sequence. The entire booklet there April 4 also on vestiaire free download.
Now a few useful tips to invalidate arguments:

“I want to someday again carry.”
the rule of thumb is: If you were not wearing a part last year, it is unlikely that you wear’s again any time soon will. If you you still don’t like separate, bearing the part in a box under the bed – for the trial separation. Is it still not back out been rummaged at the next wardrobe Detox, get rid of these!

“the piece of clothing carries beautiful memories.”
It’s a keepsake: A piece of clothing in the classical sense is no longer – and has therefore nothing to look more in the closet. So off to the memory box well away from the Kleiderort.

“I spent a lot of money!”
Yes, and unfortunately it is already given: so there is nothing left to lose. If it goes stale in the closet, no one has what it – at the very least your wardrobe. Get back but the money and sell the piece continue?

– in friendly cooperation with vestiaire collective –