Day Outfit From The Weekend: Shock Cord Pants

The spring has always and always again a little nostalgic to me straight. But not in this sad way. It is rather so that I am reminded at every little ray long past, that I may rejoice constantly about moments from the past. Yesterday was a day that was the future quite lot of optimism in the air, but tickled the past at the heart. 

At breakfast were old ham by Ska-P and sublime in the background, because the blue sky quite obviously not just me quite dull in the head in the making. And what was at the time well, can be finally today not quite as bad. At the same time, is this music to classify falls cord shock pants. The purchase must be at least 8 years back. Just at that time, since I wore it rolls around and pretty loose around the waist. Because I’m not good at all in running on high picks and they fit really not particularly good too cozy Sundays with friends, I’m yesterday for the first time with tray sneakers and tried – works quite well, even though I’m quite sure, with the exception of the Paisley pattern (the blouse I fix the collar turned, because he always creased) to have not really hit the nerve of the times. But must you may from time to time turn a blind eye when favorite pieces? And there was even a revival: I think since my puberty I used no Blue Eyeshadow and certainly no blue mascara. There are this time so may be pretty much a time to complain about. Or is s not so bad? I start namely almost to get used to me off.

Blouse: weekday, sweaters: weekday, trousers: from earlier, shoes: opening ceremony x Chloe Sevigny, bag: Zalando collection.