Chiara Ferragni Returns to Star in Another Cover of Vogue: You Only Have 20 to Do All

Chiara Ferragni still unstoppable, the blogger who has become in Celebrity and entrepreneur’s success also is the face that more cover is dealing in recent times. Does not resist him not a single header, Yolanda Sacristán was the first to give you the opportunity to occupy the of Vogue Spain, one of the brands most valued fashion magazines around the world. The newspaper opened a gap with the boom of blogs but they fall now yielded to them and, above all, his followers.

Dominic silk, Editor of Vogue Turkey, It has been as follows in choosing the Italian girl. There are 21 editions of this magazine in the world which will be completed with the of Vogue Arabia (22 in total this fall). Rhythm carrying Chiara Ferragni is comparable to a top model and if it follows this frenetic pace in a few years will get conquests all this famous magazine covers, although touch face before a hard profile of Anna Wintour and her unsurpassed Vogue USA. Will some cover more of these characteristics be Chiara Ferragni? Will it convince Anna Wintour?