Carrera Y Carrera Shows Its Jewels with Pedigree

I always have this my beloved four-legged friend, is part of my family. That happens to many people with their pets, so it is no wonder that many famous signatures are dedicated to design clothes, handbags and other accessories to give taste to them also.

But not only creations for our faithful friends, now they are also stars of the catwalk. The Royal House jewelry, Carrera y Carrera they present us with sixteen unique and exquisite pieces with a perfectly crafted design that quite peculiar patterns look. Precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites, white and yellow gold-mounted part of the Haute Couture collection of signature, which are like small works of art.

The product of Carrera y Carrera is characterized by being inspired always in nature, sculpture in miniature and a matte finish that allows you to see all of the detail of this mini sculpture. Each piece carries a thousand hours of work, so what you get are curious models orejones, pendants with animal figures of mesmerizing eyes and bracelets that evoke the plumage of birds or the dew drops.

Are jewels of dream which also look fantastic animals.