Bread & Butter Winter 2010: Desigual, Pepe Jeans, BOSS Orange, Fashion Denim

The Bread & Butter It is a microclimate that is enclosed within the old Berlin-Tempelhof airport. Best location is impossible to imagine for such an event. The international fashion fair located in the building of gigantic dimensions a site unique.

The brands have their own stands where each one puts into practice its own image, giving shape to authentic wonders like the wall of tubes that toured the of Adidas, Although the brands that more space had were those on one side of the pavilions, since they had projections of sweeping proportions and there were playing with their own ideas.

Area of Denim Base

It was intended for clothes based on the woven cowboy. Was based on a style very of Sport without neglecting at no time elegance when it comes to dressing for the day to day.

As I say, the marks on one side of the Pavilion had more space. These brands included: Diesel, of which I’ll talk about later, with a detailed analysis of the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 the fiesta-desfile in which I was present and more detailed.

Unequal It maintains its line in a design that mixes colors, textures and layers. I saw a darker collection of the image that the Spanish brand tends to have. Not for evil, but for good. There were many clothes that I loved most in the women than in men, which doesn’t convince me.

BOSS Orange It is one of my untouchable. The German mark has in BOSS Orange a lesson of good taste. How should be a smart brand aimed at street style. Stays the same line that has now settled it in the market: leather, Brown, denim… Impeccable.

CUSTO Barcelona I not convinced me. Sometimes I like some of their garments, but others I better look for another side. The next collection of winter seems to me to be too far-fetched in designs and search by exploiting its hallmark.

Throughout the rest of this area were signatures as Converse, forgot where to spend, although it is difficult to surprise already; Replay y GAS, where did not have time to go, as in the LEVI’S.

If we talk about denim, must not forget to Pepe Jeans. Mark that you had a booth of the larger ones in your area. Very well divided between its main collection and aid to Andy Warhol. Luckily, they were of the few brands that allowed to make photos to the press, but reached a point I because I gave up to both: “No picture, please” and having to tell every second that did have permission. Things live that are not understood.

The British firm maintains its passion for the pictures, a collection that maintains its English style, very worn jeans, airs College, genuine leather jacket, striped and Sport shirts. The shoe much care the sports.

I’ll take your intended collection to Warhol, I loved it. Modern, informal and with own Pepe Jeans designs but which could also see the American artist. The mini-dress of Marilyn Monroe is of note.

Ben Sherman It is another of my header signature, so it is impossible to say anything bad of her next collection. English-style again, with the icons of the mod, cardigans, Polo shirts and shirts perfect scene. I was delighted with their line of shoes, I saw a few brocades that would be a perfect signing for my collection.

But for shoes highlights Adidas Originals. The sporty line wants to continue betting strong on the street market and is more suitable for those fluorine again that crazy. I saw my beloved sweat pants with some very interesting new designs. The best: its Sports boot. Magnificent.

And this is only the beginning, there is still talk about long and hard the rest of the Bread & Butter.

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