Arnaud Deroudihe Pays Tribute to Fashion The 60 Years Using Vintage Magazines Covers Using The Decoupage Technique and The Juxtaposition

Arnaud Deroudihe It is a very complete graphic artist who has been developing a more particular artistic universe through fixed and animated image. Illustrator, graphic designer and video director through his work expresses his love for the image and visual mixing narrative a vintage style with modern techniques, exploring the history of graphic design and video by means of very courageous associations in their own way.

Deroudihe recognizes which seeks its inspiration sipping from the history of the music, press and television, offering a very original interpretation within the panorama of contemporary audiovisual creations.

Ready-to-wear It is a series that has wanted to pay tribute to the fashion of the sixties through some of the covers most emblematic of the American edition of the magazine Vogue. To achieve this, has played with the effect of juxtapositions, and we must recognize that the end result is quite accomplished.

For starters, the garments that the models look have been cut off hand in the role of the cover by Deroudihe, who then placed the die-cut cover in front of a landscape to dress the models playing with the shapes and colors offered by the nature.

Arnauld, who graduated by the CVD School of Aix en Provence (France), was working in London for the Agency Stylo Rouge where he devoted himself to create covers for record albums, but he has been working for many years for the Agency Rosapark (Havas group) located in the heart of Paris.