Anti-Paparazzi, Garments to No Exit in The Photo

Photos and more photos nonstop, with cameras for all parts comes a time of needed rest. Finished look bad with colleagues by denying you out in the photo or make an online Photoshop course for unsubscribe that unwanted image. Comes the news that you were waiting for: the collection Anti-Paparazzi. Looking for disappearing photo?

I’m surprised that this idea still not has left the home shopping in at 5 in the morning, they are falling out of date. Luckily there are thinking minds such as Chris Holmes worried about the real problems in this world. He is a DJ and music producer, as professional occupies, among other many things, open most of the concerts of Paul McCartney on their world tours. It is clear that the former Beatle has a magnet for fashion, even outside your family.

Through reflective thread the Anti-Paparazzi collection seeks to leave anonymous who carry it. The flash will impact on the garment and will attract all the light, the rest will remain dark and difficult to see. Chris Holmes realized to see photographs that made him during the tour and see that reflective garments damaged photo.

The first prototypes of the collection would be a blazer, a raincoat and a scarf. The proposal has already achieved the necessary votes to be adopted at Betabrand until the consultation phase is completed.

Betabrand It is an American company that has a Think Tank section to receive fashion proposals and vote initiatives that you prefer. Once accepted Betabrand begins the process of crowdfunding to finance them and to manufacture them.

As you arrive to the market will not take see the Kardashian, Delevingne and company by crazy paparazzi.

Official site | Betabrand
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