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Yearbook 2011

Togo. According to Countryaah official site, a half-brother to the president was sentenced in September to 20 years in prison for planning a coup in 2009. Kpatcha Gnassingbé was arrested while trying to seek protection at the US embassy in Lomé, the day after soldiers stormed his home under fire. Since then he had been detained, ie. for over two years. The rivalry between the two half-brothers was said to have been ongoing since childhood. Another half-brother was acquitted.

2011 Togo

A new law on the limited right to conduct public demonstrations at the beginning of the year led to protests and clashes between the riot police and opposition supporters. The law provides that the application for a permit for demonstrations must be submitted to the government at least five days in advance. Organizers of illegal demonstrations can be punished with imprisonment and fines.

After the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank written off 80% of Togo's foreign debt at the end of 2010, France decided in May to repay the entire Togolese bilateral debt of just over EUR 100 million.

In October, Togo was elected to the UN Security Council on a two-year mandate 2012-13.

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