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Yearbook 2011

Switzerland. An attempt to revoke the right to keep military weapons in the home was voted down in a referendum in February. The proposal was supported by groups such as pointed out that suicide with firearms is three times more common in Switzerland than in the rest of Europe. A key argument for the victorious downside was that the right of the Swiss to retain their weapons after military service means that not only criminals have access to weapons.

2011 Switzerland

According to Countryaah official site, the nuclear disaster in Japan sparked new debate about the future of nuclear power. Plans to build three new reactors were halted, and in May the government presented plans to decommission the existing five reactors over a 20-year period. Nuclear power accounts for 40% of Switzerland's energy needs.

In the canton of Zurich, residents in a referendum in May, by a wide margin, said no to stop the right to euthanasia.

Financial turmoil in the euro area became a threat to the economy as the Swiss franc was considered increasingly overvalued, which meant a risk of deflation and reduced growth. In September, the central bank announced that it would not allow the franc to fall below 1.20 against the euro. Both the economy and energy policy were central issues in the electoral movement before the parliamentary elections in October. The right-wing immigrant-right party once again focused on provocative election posters where mass immigration was presented as a serious threat to the country. But for the first time in a couple of decades, the Swiss People's Party (SVP) backed the election, even though it remained the largest party in the National Council with just over 26% of the vote. Of the other parties in the standing coalition, the Social Democrats received just under 19% voter support, the Liberal Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) 15% and the Christian Democrats just over 12%. Two relatively newly formed middle parties did well: The Green Liberals and the Civil Democratic Party (BDP), formed by outbreaks from the SVP, received support from each of just over 5% of voters.

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