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Yearbook 2011

Suriname. According to Countryaah official site, Finance Minister Wonnie Boedhoe resigned on June 10. The departure meant a severe loss for President Desi Bouterse. Admittedly, Boedhoe was succeeded by another woman, Adeline Wijnerman, so that the government still has two women. But unlike the unpolitical Boedhoe, Wijnerman belongs to the president's own party National Democratic Party (NDP). Boedhoe stated personal reasons for his departure, but the real reason seems to have been disagreement over economic policy, with Boedhoe advocating restraint and President Bouterse increasing public spending and devaluation, which has spiked inflation. Wijnerman was expected to put significantly fewer obstacles in the way of the president's financial plans.

2011 Suriname

In June, in a speech to Congress, President Bouterse reminded that the border dispute with neighboring Guyana about the so-called New River Triangle has not been settled. The area that Suriname claims is located in southeastern Guyana today and is very rich in gold.

President Bouterse also decided to introduce February 25 as a national holiday. The decision was not unexpectedly met with harsh criticism as the date marks the day of the military coup that brought him to power for the first time in 1980.

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