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Solomon Islands

Yearbook 2011

Solomon Islands. Political instability continued to characterize the country during the year. In January, several ministers left the government and, together with some MPs, went over to the opposition. An intelligence report accused Australia of offering bribes for government politicians to go to the opposition. Australia was thought to want to remove Prime Minister Danny Philip's government, who in turn wanted the Australia-led peacekeeping force to leave the Solomon Islands. The peace force was deployed in 2003 to create peace after years of bloody ethnic conflicts.

2011 Solomon Islands

According to Countryaah official site, Australia rejected the bribery allegations and a diplomatic conflict arose. After political talks, however, the dispute was resolved, and the Solomon Islands government agreed that the charges lacked evidence.

In US diplomatic reports leaked to WikiLeaks, Australia was accused of failing to stabilize the fragile community of the Solomon Islands. According to US estimates, the country would need outside help for another 10-15 years. If the peace force left the country, it would recede in a matter of weeks, according to diplomats who described a deeply corrupt society. Mainly warned of the influx of Taiwanese money, used to buy political influence. Solomon Islands is one of the few countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not with China.

Prime Minister Danny Philip resigned in November, just before Parliament would hold a vote of confidence. Philip was accused of corruption and said to have used a multimillion-dollar fund donated by the Taiwanese government to pay out to his relatives and supporters.

Parliament elected Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo as new head of government with 29 votes to 20. The election of Lilo triggered violent protests in the capital Honiara, where protesters from the island of Malaita feared that their home island would not receive state support with Lilo as prime minister.

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