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Yearbook 2011

Romania. In April, the European Commission declared that all EU countries must present national strategies during the year on how Roma are to be integrated and their living conditions improved. According to Countryaah official site, the Romania have worse opportunities in terms of education, health care, housing and access to work, according to the Commission, which identified Romania and Bulgaria as the countries where discrimination is the worst.

2011 Romania

The year was marked by continued financial tightening for an already pressed Romanian people. The measures were a prerequisite for Romania to obtain its loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), necessary to cover the large budget deficit and eventually remove it.

Among the severely criticized decisions were the halt to pension increases for those who have retired in the last ten years. The protests were met by President Traian Băsescu, arguing that Romania would go bankrupt if the country continued to borrow for pensions and government employees' salaries. The public servants lost, among other things. holiday allowance and overtime allowance. It was a big disappointment for Romania when in September the country was refused from the EU for membership in the Schengen passport union. Romania, like Bulgaria, had fulfilled the conditions, but two countries vetoed it, Finland and the Netherlands. They considered that the border control of Romania and Bulgaria at the EU's external border was not effective enough. In Romania, the opposition demanded that the responsible Ministers for Home Affairs,

When King Mikael (Mihai) turned 90 in October, he was invited to speak before the Romanian Parliament. He emphasized, among other things, the need for better political leadership and more democracy, a message that President Băsescu and several ministers boycotted. It was the first time Mikael spoke in Parliament since he was forced to leave the throne in 1947.

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