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Yearbook 2011

Palau. In a June 22 referendum, Palau residents said no to a proposal to allow casinos in the island nation. Just over three-quarters of voters voted no for casino games, which according to the law meant that the proposal could never be taken up by Parliament again. The turnout was just under 30%.

2011 Palau

According to Countryaah official site, the purpose of the casino proposal, which had been discussed for a long time, was to attract well-heeled tourists to the country and increase Palau's income through controlled gambling. Proponents said that the casinos would also create side businesses. President Johnson Toribiong vetoed the proposal in December 2009 because he believed that fast casino money would not benefit Palau in the long run. Toribiong already proposed a referendum then. In November 2010, both chambers of Parliament voted on the proposal to allow casinos, but also decided that the people should decide the issue in a referendum.

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