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Yearbook 2011

Nicaragua. According to Countryaah official site, the November 6 presidential election won the seat of incumbent President Daniel Ortega with 62% of the vote. At the same time, his party FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional) won 62 of the 92 seats in the National Assembly, an increase of 24 seats which gave the party the two-thirds majority needed for e.g. change the constitution.

2011 Nicaragua

Both observers from the EU and the US cooperative organization OAS had some remarks on the election process, including: delayed accreditations for election observers, voter card problems and ballot checks. But at the same time, the observers felt that the elections were largely right.

However, the domestic opposition accused the government of extensive electoral fraud. They pointed out, among other things. that Ortega and FSLN control both the Election Commission and the Supreme Court, and on several irregularities in the authorities' actions. Ortega was also accused of a large measure of populism through the poverty reduction program, Hambre Cero ('Zero Hunger'), which was just launched into the election campaign with contributions from his friend Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez and where part of the money was used by the FSLN for campaign funding. For example, the campaign for Ortega's re-election cost four times more than his closest rival Fabio Gadea's campaign. The domestic business community, which until now has given Ortega its silent support, cautiously expressed its criticism.

All in all, Ortega's victory in the November 6 elections only increased the massive criticism he has faced in recent years for several measures that are considered to give him a powerful position, and the electoral victory was even called illegal. Ortega, for its part, accused the OAS of going to US cases. The United States government, in turn, expressed concern about the democratic development of Nicaragua and the rule of law in the country.

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