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Yearbook 2011

Netherlands. According to Countryaah official site, right-wing populist party leader Geert Wilders was released in June on all counts in the lengthy case against him for hate crimes and discrimination against Muslims. The Court found that while Wilders made offensive "fascist" statements, it was not hate crimes because the statements were directed at Islam rather than at Muslims. Wilders called the verdict a victory for freedom of speech.

2011 Netherlands

The hotly debated immigration issue came into focus when an Angolan who had come to the country alone as a 10-year-old would be expelled when he turned 18 and was considered an adult. Tens of thousands wrote on protest lists against what was seen as inhumane and rigid law interpretation. Others supported the decision, and Wilder's xenophobic Freedom Party, PVV, threatened to withdraw its support for the minority government if deportation was stopped. In November, Parliament voted down the proposal to allow the young man to stay.

Among both Muslims and Jews, there were warnings that ongoing debates about male circumcision and slaughter methods were actually about the suspicion of minority groups. Proponents of prohibitions, on the other hand, argued that the rights of children and animals are paramount to religious freedom. They wanted to prohibit circumcision of children and slaughter without stunning.

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