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Yearbook 2011

Montenegro. According to Countryaah official site, Bishop Amfilohije Radović of the Serbian Orthodox Church was indicted at the beginning of the year for using hate speech. The bishop was upset over plans to demolish a church erected in 2005 in a place that is considered sacred even by Catholics and Muslims. He said that God may destroy those who destroy a church, as do their descendants. According to the prosecutors, the construction posed a threat to the stability and the statement a scorn against other citizens of the multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. The bishop, who is known as a hard-core Serbian nationalist, was also called on by human rights groups to apologize for derogatory statements about homosexuals.

2011 Montenegro

After several unsuccessful attempts, the government in September managed to get the two-thirds majority required to adopt a new electoral law, something that the EU has set as a condition for membership. The opposition has long refused to vote for the electoral law in protest against Serbs not being recognized as official language. Finally, the parties reached a compromise where the mother tongue subject at the school was renamed "Montenegrin-Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian Language and Literature".

In October, the European Commission recommended that Montenegro should start membership negotiations.

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