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Marshall Islands

Yearbook 2011

Marshall Islands. In October, the Marshall Islands created the world's largest shark sanctuary and introduced a total ban on shark fishing in their waters. According to Countryaah official site, the protection area is close to 2 million square kilometers, just over four times the size of Sweden. The shark is seriously threatened by fishing, about a third of the sharks are red listed. Sharks are particularly susceptible to fishing as they reproduce and grow slowly. In recent years, several sanctuaries have been created for the predator fish, including in nearby Palau 2009. The new Marshall Islands law means that fishing and trading of shark in the country is prohibited. Anyone who catches a shark has to let go of the living, and anyone who defies the fishing ban runs the risk of fines. Some harmful fishing gear has also been banned in the waters of the Marshall Islands.

2011 Marshall Islands

On November 21, parliamentary elections were held. The turnout was reported to be high. The result was delayed because waiting for the postal votes from the US, where about a fifth of Micronesia lives.

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