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Yearbook 2011

Kiribati. According to Countryaah official site, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon made a two-day visit to Kiribati in early September to see with his own eyes one of the Pacific Island nations most threatened by global warming. Climate change was an important issue before the parliamentary elections in October. The election campaign also talked about Kiribati's problematic economy and more jobs. The turnout is usually low. Ahead of the 2011 elections, the Election Commission ran a campaign in which election workers traveled around the islands to get the approximately 60,000 voters to go and vote.

2011 Kiribati

There were 138 people, including 12 women, competing for Parliament's 44 elected seats. The country's three parties, which are really loosely composed alliances, ran in the elections held in two rounds on October 21 and 28. When the election results were presented, it was clear that 29 of the 44 MEPs had been re-elected, and that 15 new members had been elected to Parliament. President Anote Tong of the Alliance Boutokaan Te Koaua (BTK) retained his seat in Parliament.

The new parliament then nominated three presidential candidates to run in the December 30 presidential election. The incumbent President Tong was one of the elect. The other candidates were opposition leader Rimeta Beniamina and the doctor, as well as businessman Tetaua Taitai.

The presidential election was later moved until January 13, 2012 so that the residents who wanted to be able to celebrate New Year abroad.

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