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Kaunas Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Kaunas

There are attractions and sights for every taste in Kaunas. The itinerary here gives you some suggestions on what we think are the very best!

  • See DigoPaul for dictionary definitions of Kaunas, Lithuania. Includes geographical map and city sightseeing photos.

devil's Museum

The main attraction in Kaunas is probably the Devil Museum. Behind this very special exhibition stands Antanas Žmuidzinavicius (1876-1966) who was known in Lithuania as a bit of an eccentric. The devil figures are available in all types. Be it in wood, glass or stone, as a toy, or as a Stalin doll. The latter is said to have been made because Stalin of "understanding hunters" was similar to the devil himself.

Attractions in Kaunas

The Devil Museum has opening hours from 1100 to 1700, every day of the week except Mondays where it is closed. The address is Putvinskio 64.

Church of the Archangel St Michael

The Archangel St Michael's Church [see picture first in the article] is located in the new town of Kaunas, near the main square of Nepriklausomybes oakste. The church was erected in the early 1890s. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the church has become a Catholic church. Take a walk up the church tower for great views of Kaunas.

War Museum in Kaunas

If you are interested in history then go to this little museum which tells the story of those who stood up to the occupying power of the Soviet Union. You also get an insight into Stalin's Gulag camp. Here are photographs and various objects that together give a good overview of the hard life in the period 1945 to 1953. Some pictures give a strong impression and may not be suitable for children.

Open weekdays from 1000 to 1600. The address is Vytauto 46. In front of the museum you will find the Freedom Monument with the "eternal fire", which honors the heroes of Lithuania's independence struggle.

Lithuania Sports Museum

If you love sports you can visit the Sports Museum in Kaunas where you can see the oddities like old table tennis balls from the Soviet Union to one of the torches used in connection with the Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980. The address is Muziejaus 7.

Opening hours from 1000 to 1700, all days except Mondays.

Kaunas Castle

This castle was built in the middle of the 1300s and is strategically located by the rivers Neri and Nemuna in the old town.

Zoological Museum

If you are traveling with children or you may be interested in nature and animals, then visit the Zoological Museum in Tadas Ivanauskas. It is said that this museum had the largest collection of stuffed animals in the entire Soviet Union. Feel free to go to the Museum of Liberty.

The zoo

If you go to Azuolynas Park and Radvilenu 21 Street you will find the only zoo in Lithuania. The park is old, and not necessarily the best we have seen, although there are close to 300 species of animals here. Opening hours are from 0900 to 1900.

MK Ciurlionis Art Museum

Here you come to see paintings and graphic works by artists from Lithuania in general and MKCiurlioni in particular. The art ranges from the 16th century to the 19th century. There is also some international art here, including sculptures from more modern times.

Pažaisli Monastery

This beautiful church is a great example of Baroque architecture from Italy. This is perhaps the best example of such a church in all of Eastern Europe. This is also the largest monastery complex in Lithuania. The location is on a peninsula in the urban lagoon, Kauno marios, not far from the city's Yacht Club.

Tourist in Kaunas

Kaunas is situated almost in the middle of Lithuania and the city was in the period 1922 and 1940 the country's capital. The city has recently been upgraded to its airport, but chances are that you will come here with a rental car, with or without a driver from the present capital Vilnius ?

Tourist in Kaunas

If you drive a car yourself from Vilnius, then a good tip is to park in a car park with guards. It is not uncommon for tourists to be stolen from their cars.

The lifeblood of Kaunas is the city's main street, the 2-kilometer-long freedom avenue, or Laisves aleja as it is called in the local language. If you go to the Freedom Avenue all the way you will take you from the new town and the beautiful church dedicated to Archangel St. Michael in the east, to the old town in the west, where Kaunas Town Hall is located. The most important and largest town in Nyby is called Nepriklausomybes aikste and is obligatory to visit for tourists.

Along Laisves aleja you will find all kinds of shops, places to eat and a variety of sights. This street is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe and you will find everything from the Zoological Museum, the church of St. Michael and much more.

The fact that Kaunas consists of hills up and down, gives you the pleasure of driving cable cars [see picture first in the article]. And the cable cars are great for enticing the children in the sightseeing, if you have them in the tour. You buy tickets inside the wagon by the driver or at the entrance to the cable car, and the price is "lick and nothing".

The Aleksotas cable car can be found on the south end of Alesoto Tiltas, while the Žaliakalnis cable car takes you to and from Savanoriu and the center at Putvinskio and Aušros. The latter trip is about 140 meters. Both trips, if you drive upwards, lead to viewpoints that offer great views of the city of Kaunas.

Parks in Kaunas

Kaunas has some greenery, including a botanical garden located on the street Žilibero 6. The botanical garden is divided into themes and provides interesting information about flowers and plants. Take e.g. bus number 7 or 12 from Kauna Castle. Opening hours 0900 to 1800.

The largest park is called Ažuolynas and this park is known for its huge oak trees, more than three hundred years old. In this park you will also find the zoo of Kaunas, which is also the only real zoo in Lithuania.

Ažuolynas is more than a green oasis for those who want out of the big city on a hot summer day. It is also the venue for a number of events, such as concerts and dance performances. Ažuolynas is located to the east of Kaunas.

Tourist offices in Kaunas

Don't be afraid to contact the tourist office for tips on what to experience in the city. You will find tourist information in Laisves 36. It is open every day of the week in high season, and otherwise every day except Sundays. There is also tourist information at the airport and at Kaunas Castle.


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